Natural Gas

Natural Gas development in Delta County poses a variety of unique threats to our land, air, and water. As industrial interest in natural gas development has increased in our region, the Conservation Center has worked to collect and disseminate information about the current and potential environmental and quality-of-life impacts of natural gas wells.

The reality is that our community has a valuable resource under its lands in the form of natural gas, and legally that resource can be developed. At the Conservation Center, we believe that we need to engage with industry, agencies, and the local community in a discussion about how and where to allow extraction of gas without compromising the equally important considerations of human health, clean water, wildlife and recreation. This means participating in the Natural Gas Collaborative, supporting wildlife mitigation plans, strong state and local regulations, enacting sourcewater protection plans, continuing our baseline water monitoring program, beginning and air monitoring program, and working for consensus to protect specific areas where gas development simply should not occur.

The Conservation Center and our members are actively engaged a debate about the future of the North Fork Valley. We comment on local rules, provide feedback on energy proposals, and participate in policy development. We are committed to finding creative and locally appropriate solutions that provide tangible and lasting results.

Here are some of the natural gas issues we are currently following: